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If someone asked me to describe the generation we are living in, i would sayy its a sad generation with smiling faces. This generation is full of youths who are sad, with alot of issues burning up inside of them and yet looking at their faces you easily get convinced that all is well because of their ‘fake smiles’.

Alot of youths are fighting very serious battles within themselves and as a result high rates of suicidal cases are recorded everyday.

According to the World health Organization suicide is a second leading cause of deaths among the youths between the age of 15-29years. The WHO reports 800,000 people commit suicide every year, 1 person commits sucide every 40seconds

“Normally i would think, ‘Oh that suicide is cowardly or selfish act, but carrying it out is far from easy. Some of this things happen, it robs someone of their will to…

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