I want to speak to scientists and hear what they think and them ask me about what I have been doing with Emily for almost twenty one years now


As far as I know ( and I am pretty certain) there has never been a case where a non-verbal autistic person has been taught to speak. I am trying my best to have Emily be that first person.


I was just talking to someone yesterday about what it will be like to be back at work

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I think people will be excited to see each other again, but while lots of other people will go back to their jobs as normal, I have a feeling our jobs will revolve around the aftermath of the coronavirus a lot.


Seth Godin has been studying digital media “viruses” for more than 20 years, and he thinks much of what we have discovered about them comes from the analogy to epidemiology and the behavior of real viruses

The ideavirus in the media is preceding the actual virus’s arrival. That means we are experiencing the effects of this twice. Once, when we’re filled with fear of the unknown (with various entities fanning panic) and again when it actually arrives.



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If someone asked me to describe the generation we are living in, i would sayy its a sad generation with smiling faces. This generation is full of youths who are sad, with alot of issues burning up inside of them and yet looking at their faces you easily get convinced that all is well because of their ‘fake smiles’.

Alot of youths are fighting very serious battles within themselves and as a result high rates of suicidal cases are recorded everyday.

According to the World health Organization suicide is a second leading cause of deaths among the youths between the age of 15-29years. The WHO reports 800,000 people commit suicide every year, 1 person commits sucide every 40seconds

“Normally i would think, ‘Oh that suicide is cowardly or selfish act, but carrying it out is far from easy. Some of this things happen, it robs someone of their will to…

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Chronic illness: Shh no one needs to know you’re chronically ill

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So I encountered someone random on social media with an illness that said we should not discuss ableism because people do not get our illnesses and… it doesn’t matter. I don’t know his life but maybe he has not experienced pervasive stigma like some of us have such that we know the need to spread awareness is vital. Or we get treated like crap by society and ignored and treated as lesser Than. But no, we do not have to be flippant with jokes on ableism. That isn’t necessary. People do not understand chronic illnesses because they do not have them… that isn’t funny or to be mocked.

No one needs to know you're chronically ill

And here is why he was true about chronic illness

Okay, so I have often said we do not have to validate our pain to anyone. They have no right to it. We still have to deal with it regardless of their…

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Artificial Intelligence and the Healthcare

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We all might have heard about artificial intelligence, from Alexa to self driving cars, artificial intelligence is making it easy for people to do things such as order stuff online, keep track of their bills, not worry about driving when tired etc. However have your ever thought about  how artificial intelligence is used in the healthcare system?

Artificial Intelligence is the new wave in information technology, and it is slowly making it way into the healthcare system.  It is used by doctors in surgery, to run diagnostic tests, cancer treatments etc. Healthcare systems are also using artificial intelligence to keep better track of patient health records and the patient’s personal informations such as their address, social security information etc.  The use of artificial intelligence in the healthcare system is making things easier for some health professionals by making it easy for physicians to keep track of the patient’s records and…

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