Chronic illness: Shh no one needs to know you’re chronically ill

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So I encountered someone random on social media with an illness that said we should not discuss ableism because people do not get our illnesses and… it doesn’t matter. I don’t know his life but maybe he has not experienced pervasive stigma like some of us have such that we know the need to spread awareness is vital. Or we get treated like crap by society and ignored and treated as lesser Than. But no, we do not have to be flippant with jokes on ableism. That isn’t necessary. People do not understand chronic illnesses because they do not have them… that isn’t funny or to be mocked.

No one needs to know you're chronically ill

And here is why he was true about chronic illness

Okay, so I have often said we do not have to validate our pain to anyone. They have no right to it. We still have to deal with it regardless of their…

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